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In addition to the Conditions of Use, Guests Hosts made reservations (as defined in the Conditions of Use, or you Guest, Host or You), through the Web site CubaGao, hereinafter the "Web" ( CubaGao or We) must know and accept these conditions. Hosts must also know and accept these "Conditions" book. It is recommended that guests and hosts read them in detail, and any booking confirmation sent to the Guest in connection with the acceptance by the Host a reservation request.


1. Acceptance of the Terms.
2. Our functions.
3. Reserves.
4.  Payment.
5. Changes and Cancellations by the guests.
6. Cancellation by the hosts.
7. Cancellation by CubaGao.
8. Extra fees.
9. Complaints. Responsibility and obligations to You.
10. Guest Conduct.
11. Invalidity.
12. Transfer.
13. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.
14. Questions.

1. Acceptance of Terms.

1.1 By accessing our website and / or use of our Services as a potential guest or host, you agree to be bound by these Terms, which acknowledges having read and understood.

1.2 We reserve the right to change, modify or alter these conditions at any time. You should review them periodically to keep abreast of any changes.

1.3 By using this website, you agree that the inclusion of new or revised Web Conditions constitute an implied right to you and any revision and amendment of reporting. The use of the Services after any such changes or after explicitly accepted the new conditions by connecting to the Web will constitute your consent to such changes.

If there is any contradiction between the provisions of this Spanish version and a translated version, shall prevail the provisions of this Spanish version. Translated all of these Terms and Conditions of Use version is for illustrative purposes only.

2. Our functions.

2.1 You understand and agree to be bound by the Conditions of Use relating to your use of the Web and / or service (as such terms are defined in the Terms of Use). It is recommended that guests and hosts carefully read the terms of use. For the purposes of these Conditions, we refer specifically to clause 7 (Specific conditions of the hosts) and Clause 8 (Specific conditions Guest) of the Conditions Use, which you must recognize and accept. In addition, as detailed in clause 2 of the Terms and Conditions in the following sections, please note that the Web is simply a platform that allows hosts to advertise their properties available for rental operations, so that users find these properties and for guests and hosts to contact and conclude rental transactions. Consequently, CubaGao is not part of any rental operation and disclaims all liability of such transactions to the maximum extent permitted by law.

2.2 You acknowledge and agree that we do not act as a travel agent generally in connection with the provision of our service and with the operations of effective rent you is concluded as a guest, as we are not part of such effective operations of rent and not buy , sell or lend accommodation or other travel service on our own, as mentioned later and Clause 2 of the Conditions of Use. However, if, as a matter of law or opinion of any tax authority or in any other jurisdiction, CubaGao is or may be regarded as a travel agent in any jurisdiction in connection with participation in, or provision of a service consisting of the intermediation in the provision of accommodation by a Guest Host according to bookings made on our website, you acknowledge and agree that, in such circumstances for the purposes of these Terms and rental operations completed between guests and hosts, CubaGao (I) acting on behalf of hosts that have included their properties on our website, such as your agent or broker visible, and in no case on his own behalf, giving them, in that capacity, services involved, or which consist in intermediation in the provision of accommodation to guests posted on our website and / or facilitating the closure of the rental operations, loaned to guests; and (II) CubaGao is not, and can not be a host. It may carry out any necessary modifications to these Terms and Conditions of Use due to the implementation of this provision or part thereof.

2.3 As stated in the Conditions of Use, CubaGao function is solely to facilitate the availability of the Web to users and provide certain services related thereto. We are not in buying, acquiring, to host, sell, furnish, provide, rent, sublicense, control or manage any housing posted on the Web by the hosts, or we can hire in our own name providing any rental property rentals published on the web or any other property, including without limitation, hotel rooms or any other transport service or related travel. No way we can supply supply or said housing and services to guests. Our site acts as a platform that allows registered hosts offer rent to own guests a given property for your holiday. Hosts may own any rental properties included on the Web or people, for instance real estate agents, who have the authorization to agree or subscribe rental operations of those properties directly with guests. Therefore, We are not part of the actual rental transaction concluded between hosts and guests and we are agents or representatives of any Guest. Our responsibility in the provision of the Website and / or the service when the operation is completed will be to submit contact details both hosts as guests as cited in Clause 7 of the Conditions of Use. Consequently, the legal contract supply of housing and rental operations is given between hosts and guests, and consists of a license to occupy the property of the Host during the agreed period as detailed in the booking confirmation, but should not be, or attempt to be a tenancy or a lease or grant exclusive possession of the property. Rental operations relating thereto are only binding between hosts and guests, who will be solely and fully responsible for their fulfillment, and CubaGao disclaims all liability arising from, or relating to such operations. If you, as a guest, writes a rental operation with a host for booking a property advertised on the Web, you understand and accept the conditions to be agreed with the Host and agree to accept any such terms and conditions, rules and restrictions associated with such property as may be imposed by the host.

2.4 We assume no liability in connection with the state of any property advertised on the Web. As stated in the Conditions of Use, CubaGao makes no recommendation or endorsement of announced or Web users properties. We can not have any control over the behavior of hosts, guests and other users of the Website and the Service or the content of any announcement of the Web, or on the status and adequacy of any ads or the properties included in the Web. CubaGao can not accept any liability for the announcement or the provision by the hosts of any housing or space for holiday rentals offered by them and / or posted on the Web and / or for errors or omissions in the description, and all reservations will be made at the risk of the Guest himself.

3. Reserves.

3.1 Guests may request making a booking through the Web following the backup application process established on the Web and by clicking on the corresponding tab reservation confirmation or link (using your account or email). It is important that guests review the information provided and correct any errors before making a booking request, because once you click the link above tab or may not correct the errors introduced.

If at any time before clicking on the appropriate tab or link, you decide not to go ahead with your booking request, you must close the application window.

3.2 Once the booking request by You, inform the appropriate Host via email and on your account to accept or reject the reservation request. Hosts must do so within 72 hours of such a request; Once such period the reservation will expire automatically. If the booking is accepted by the Host through the Web, you will receive an automatic email confirming the acceptance of the Host and contact details, and contact details of you will be forwarded to the host.

3.3 Once the contact details provided, all communications relating, for example, data and information on the reservation and rental operation, including, among others, arrival and delivery of keys will be direct between you and the Host through the Web as our Service will provide when required / applicable.

3.4 You can access the data on your booking confirmation through your account. The Web is written in Spanish and English, and the language of it can be changed by a guest when you use it to make a reservation request.

4. Payment.

4.1 If you decide to book a property to a Host, and the operation is concluded with the same through the Web, you, as a guest, acknowledge and agree to be bound to pay the price of rent information contained in the Host once can you check-in at the property. Also any additional charge, including the discretion of the Host on the rental operation, see next Section 7 for information on additional charges (cost laundry, cleaning, etc.) Fees charged regardless of the Owner.

4.2 As noted above, the hosts must accept or reject the booking within 72 hours from the application of it.

4.3 Hosts set the currency in which require payment, with the CUC currency used in the country on behalf of the US Dollar. However, for the convenience of guests, the Host may accept any other hard currency, the Web can display prices in various currencies. These include price conversions for information purposes and payments with credit or debit cards are not accepted by Guest, payment will be in cash and always be made in the currency established by the corresponding Host. CubaGao disclaims all liability in connection with any additional charges that may be charged to a guest by your bank due to our collection of payment in the currency established by the corresponding Host.

5. Changes and Cancellations by the guests.

Guests can cancel their reservation through the respective user account within 15 days prior to arrival and will be refunded in full the 10% that was paid for the reservation and management costs. The refund will be made using the same means that the host used to pay.

Once canceled the reservation, the guest will be free to settle the remaining 90% Host.

6. Cancellation by the owners.

Hosts should not cancel confirmed reservations, but in the unlikely event that a host us know which you want to cancel, will help the Guest and the Host to try to agree on adequate alternative housing for the host, including, for example, by Contact the host with another host and / or providing details of alternate ads, although of course we assume no obligation and we will not have any obligation in this regard.

7. Cancellation by CubaGao.

As described in Section 7.12 of the Terms of Service, we reserve right to cancel any booking at any time for security or protection against fraud.

8. Additional Fees.

The Host may establish additional charges in the form of deposits or otherwise (for example, cleaning fees, security deposit and charges for exit after the agreed time) to pay for the guests, charges are not included or were taken into account in the Host and Fees may be agreed by him independently or expressly stated on page billing summary and loaded directly. The payment of such charges (for example, on arrival or departure) You must be accomplished either directly to the host in accordance with the terms agreed between the two parties. As stated in the Conditions of Use, CubaGao not be responsible for administering or accept requests or complaints relating to such charges Hosts or additional payments, and is exempt from all responsibility in this regard.

9. Complaints and our responsibility and obligations to You.

9.1 Our Responsibility for guests, exclusions and limitations.

If you have any problems during your stay, please inform the host immediately. Since your book is a direct contract between you and the host, it will have the sole discretion to decide how to handle your claim. As a guest, you will be ask you to do, and you are entitled to make a comment on the property included on our website. However, you will be solely responsible to resolve directly with the Host any dispute arising out of or related to the stay.

CubaGao not be responsible under any circumstances, injury, illness, accidents, deaths, etc. as it would not be justified or correspond to the activity develops. We only legally liable to our own negligence in connection with legal claims against the Consumer, which can not be excluded or limited under the Act. Any claim arising out of your stay in the ownership of a host should be filed against said Host.

With maximum extent legally permitted, we exclude all representations and warranties relating to rented property subject to a reservation with a host.

9.2 Our Responsibility for the hosts, exclusions and limitations.

CubaGao not be responsible under any circumstances, injury, illness, accidents, deaths, etc. as it would not be justified or correspond to the activity develops. We only legally liable to our own negligence in connection with legal claims against the Host (our client), which can not be excluded or limited under the law. All claims resulting from the stay of a guest in their property should be filed against said host .

We can not accept any responsibility for damage, loss or inconvenience caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control. Such circumstances include, among others, war, threats of war, riot, civil unrest or terrorist activity, labor disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, airport closures, adverse weather conditions, interruption or failure of utilities, or actions of any local or national government. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation affected by such circumstances.

In the extent legally permitted, we exclude this act: (I) All conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by statute, common law or equity; and (II) any liability for any damage or direct, indirect or consequential loss incurred by any Host or Guest in connection with any reservation, including loss of income, loss of business, loss of profits or loss of contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data and loss of goodwill, has already been caused by tort (including negligence), breach of contract or otherwise, even though it has been predictable.

10. Guest Conduct.

10.1 As a Guest, You agree to be responsible for all people accompanying you maintain a proper behavior during your stay at the property advertised by the host. We will not have any obligation to pay any compensation or assumption of any costs or expenses (including, among others, alternative accommodation) in which you may incur as a result of the early termination of their stay by the host because your behavior or the behavior of people who have accompanied him.

10.2 If you cause any damage to the property of the Host where you stay, you must repay the full cost of the damage caused to the corresponding Host. You will also indemnify us for the full amount of any claim made against us by the host or by any third party as a result of such damage.

11. Severability.

If any provision or portion thereof of this Agreement is declared unlawful, void or unenforceable by any court or other competent authority, such provision or part thereof it will be deleted from these Conditions and the rest of the content thereof will apply as if the provision or part of it illegal, void or unenforceable, never have agreed.

12. Assignment.

You may not transfer any of its rights or obligations under these Terms without our prior written consent. We may transfer any of our rights or obligations under these Terms without the prior written consent.

13. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction.

13.1 These Terms and all matters arising from or relating to, the same (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of Spain to the extent that such laws are not invalidated by any law applicable mandatory, such as local consumer protection laws that apply to you.

13.2 Any claim or dispute arising from, or relating to these Terms (including non-contractual disputes or claims) will be subject to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts. If you are a consumer may choose to file a claim with the court or tribunal of any other country.

14. Questions.

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact CubaGao in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last update: January 2016.

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