Private houses to rent in Cuba

Cubagao is a Web with experience in booking accommodation in Cuba. You can rent self-catering apartments and rooms in family houses in Havana and Isla de la Juventud, known as private homes.

Accommodation in Havana

Through CubaGao You can book and rent private houses, independent apartments, double and triple rooms in family houses in Havana, Cuba. We offer you the best houses and apartments in the following areas: Habana Vieja, Centro Habana, Nueva Gerona and Plaza de la Revolución.

Independent houses in Cuba

On your trip to Cuba  you can rent separate apartments, fully equipped in the most central areas of Havana. These rental apartments have everything necessary for you to cook and are totally independent, Cuban owners do not live with you.

Accommodation in homestays in Cuba

The cheapest option for your holiday in Cuba. Rental accommodation in family houses with private bathroom in all neighborhoods of Havana. This option is preferred by independent travelers looking for a cheap holiday in Cuba. Staying in a family house can be one of the most interesting experience you can enjoy during your trip to Cuba, especially if you want to know how Cubans live and think.

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Booking in Havana

Through CubaGao you can book a room in a private home or a family house. Being able to choose between renting rooms for cheap accommodation in family houses with separate toilet, as decided by the lease or rental of a private house or a private independent apartment, both in Havana and Isla de la Juventud.

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