Sobre nosotros

CubaGao is a platform of collaborative consumption, exclusively to tourism in Cuba.

We are a young and dynamic created with the aim of providing a portal of contact between residents in Cuba interested in sharing or rent your home and international tourism increasingly interested in travel safely but with will feel at home business.

CubaGao team is backed by Finques Martinez, Spanish real estate company with more than 50 years old. The services and solutions we offer are a company with the most experience in the real estate market in Barcelona.

With this solid guarantee, we enter the Cuban market to facilitate collaboration between hosts and travelers our beloved island.

"And in Cuba, many years ago we learned whast is working"

So our goal is to serve as a meeting point for this collaboration offering our Gao, that you did not know, in Cuba means House.

Make your ... Gao Cuba!

Sobre CubaGao